Please make sure your schedule is clear when you are requesting appointment with me.
If you cancel within 24 hours of our meeting more than once, I will no longer be able to meet with you (I do ask if you do cancel last minute as a polite gusture please send a amazon card to my email… time is precious as I value your time also). If you are going to be late, please contact me immediately as you noticed that. If you are more than 20 minutes late, please understand that I may not be able to accommodate you beyond our scheduled meeting time.
Please shower at your location or at mine before/after our time begins.  I have impeccable hygiene and cleanliness and expect the same from you. Funky smells are not sexy!
I'm not a clock watcher, but please be mindful of our time together…
There will always be a next time with even more pleasure and excitement!
Please note, that I will NEVER call or text you first without you asking me to do so. I do confirm via text the day before our date to confirm and give you exact directions to my incall…unless otherwise specified IE: email.
I will NEVER share any of your private information with any other people or providers. I'm very discreet and expect the same from you please.

When you come to see me, be prepared for relaxation, comfort and stress-free time.

I want your experience with me to be as fun and fulfilling as possible. I provide refreshments/snacks or feel free to bring your own. I enjoy champs and red wine.

All donations must be in an unsealed envelope with the word "GIFT" written on it. I will not take the donation directly from you.  Please place it my viewing before our date starts. 🙂 CASH ONLY!

Please be advised:
Any aggressive, shady or rude behavior that makes me uncomfortable will be the end of our date with NO REFUNDS! Please  be a true gentleman and be respectful.